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    In-service training for your

    school or healthcare agency.

    1/2 day; 1-day or 2-day

    training formats are available.



    Group rates for the 12-hr

    professional healthcare CEU

    course that is offered as a

   downloaded independent study.  






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Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D.

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151 Panorama Trail

Rochester, New York  14625-1843

 1 (585) 381-4137

Infinity WalkAbout Railing

Infinity Walk Training Seminars

        This is an exciting time for healthcare facilities and nursing home staff to train in Infinity Walk Method.

     The Infinity WalkAbout rails - so needed for those who are challenged by balance issues - can now be added to your clinical program and daily ambulation options for patients and residents. Ask about our standard models or an optional customized build through our collaboration with your local community railing company of choice.


Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D.

(sponsored in-services phone # only)

1 (585) 381-2270


Dr. Sunbeck does not organize commercially marketed workshops; she responds to agencies and associations who wish to sponsor in-service training for their staff and professional members. Email or call her directly to start the process of co-creating a just-right fit workshop for your staff and professional members.

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