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Dr. George Lumbar, Senior Vice President, NY Retired Teachers' Association

Infinity Walk appears ideal for overcoming "self-fulfilling prophecies", whether self-engendered, or otherwise implanted. This learning tool, developed by Dr. Sunbeck, should be recommended, not only for special problem-solving, but also for improving self-assurance.

Lynn Schroeder, Author of Superlearning 2000

I very much enjoyed Infinity Walk - both your ideas and the practical help. Learning disabilities are epidemic and you seem to have some elegant solutions. I'm intrigued by your ideas on integrating (hemispheric and brain wave) dimensions.

Dr. Ed Frierson, Past-President, National Assoc. For Gifted Children,
International Council for Learning Disabilities, Nashville, Tennessee

I introduce Infinity Walk at every seminar I teach. Deborah Sunbeck has pioneered a procedure that overrides the misleading labels and levels that school impose and gets to the heart (brain!) of education.

Dr. Judith Spitler McKee, Prof. of Educational Psychology and Early Education, Eastern Michigan University

Infinity Walk exercises, heals and empowers the whole person. I highly recommend this constructive method for developing skills for coping, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

Joan Smith, Ed.D., Diplomate, Board of Disability Analysts, CA

We have been using your Infinity walk method (since the in-service in Monterey). I am your believer!

Jackie Czamanske, Learning Disabilities Specialist,

Alternative Learning Dept., Rochester Institute of Technology
Infinity Walk has opened doors, ...bridging the newest information in the field of neuro-physiological research to education.

Avi and Galet Levian, Mishbetzet L.T.D. Publishing, Bialik, Israel

Dr. Sunbeck has inspired our teachers with her vast knowledge and dedication to advancing education. Our teachers are very eager to advance their expertise and continue their friendship with such a "real" person.

Karen Quinn, Math Support Services, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

What is so profound about Infinity Walk is that it starts with grounding and then builds one's wholeness. (Here on campus) college math students use Infinity walk as a tool for reducing math anxiety as well as for problem-solving.

Jan Strine, Assistant Professor, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, New York

It was amazing to see individuals' integration improve in one session. I hope to have the opportunity to explore this form of body/mind connection further.

Edie Ungar Shafron, School Psychologist, Cleveland, Ohio

I found Infinity Walk to be filled with practical information and teaching tools applicable in the field of school psychology.


Psychotherapists, Physicians and Other Health Professionals

Mark Steinberg, Ph.D., Clinical, Educational, and Neuropsychologist, San Jose, CA

In an age of finger-pointing at the causes of problems, Dr. Sunbeck has instead put her finger on a direct path to solutions. I recommend Infinity Walk to our clients, and I enthusiastically endorse it among medical, teaching, and helping professionals. This book provides extraordinary insight on neuropsychological foundations and common experience.

Thomas M. Rossi, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine

Dr. Sunbeck writes an artistic explanation of the anatomic and physiological principles which define the efficacy of her infinity Walk Program. Her video is fascinating (professional case study "EM2") and the examples depicted lend credence to its merit. this should interest practicing pediatricians as well as the faculty and staff of pediatric training programs.

Jane Ver Dow, M.S. Physical Therapist, Williamson, New York

Infinity Walk is an ageless gift - I watched an elderly woman "step" to restore herself - powerful! Infinity Walk is about discovery, rediscovery, balancing and restoration.

Park Ridge Employee Assistance Program, (joint staff endorsement), Rochester, New York

The beauty of Infinity Walk is that it focuses on the mind and body working as one. Dr. Sunbeck's approach is at the forefront of today's trend holistic wellness and does not rely on medicines, expensive treatments or blame. Anyone, anywhere at any time can practice and benefit from the Infinity Walk.

Debbie Homewood, B.A., Biofeedback Therapist and Counselor, The Namaste Institute, Markham, Canada

Based on my experience with biofeedback, the need to develop (and take charge of) beta, alpha and theta brainwave frequencies in both hemispheres of the brain is imperative. The Infinity Walk Program has immense value to anyone who wants to achieve this goal and more fully realize their potential. It is holistic in its approach and can be done by almost anyone. Parents, teachers and therapists will benefit greatly from this program.

Roxanne Preble, M.A., ADTR, EEG Spectrum, Inc. ,San Francisco, CA

Your wonderful book, Infinity Walk, is the best I've seen that encompasses so much useful information for me professionally, and for my clients. I was very glad to read your book and quite excited about the content. I recommend it to everyone who comes through the door.

Pastoral Counselors / Spiritual Direction

Sharon O'Toole, Spiritual Direction Staff, Mercy Prayer Center, New York

It was previously very hard for me to get out of my head and allow my heart to do the leading. I discovered the more I used the Infinity Walk, the more I was able to come to interior quiet, to be centered, to let my thinking go. This enabled my heart to open to an intimate time with God.

Peggy N. Meier, M.Div., Pastoral Counselor, Muncie, Indiana

After reading you book Infinity Walk, I began using the walk with my clients (with success). The life patterns of clients follow generation to generation predictability unless new information causes a significant change in their experience of events. Infinity Walk provides a simple way to greatly expand and change their lives.


Fine and Performing Artists and Writers

Fiction Writer - Mary Jo Magar, Las Vegas, Nevada

As a writer, daily Infinity Walking has proved beneficial in streamlining my creative process and helping me release stress and blockage.

Theater - Roberta Nobleman, Solo Theater, Author of Victim to Celebrant, Dumont, New Jersey

I am an incest survivor-author-actor-healer, so I know that when the child's self is fragmented in any way, help is needed. The ancient alchemy of a healing framework like Deborah Sunbeck's Infinity Walk will work miracles, where years of expensive head-alone-talk therapy fail. I highly endorse this method.

Music - Dr. Rosalind A. Knowles, Director of Undergraduate Music Education,

Associate Professor of Music, Nazareth College of Rochester, NY
Take the time to explore and reflect on the current work of this vital psychologist. The Infinity Walk and the concepts behind it will recharge your batteries and renew your passion as you gain a deeper understanding of your mind's potential.


The Madison Family, Kent, New York

We strongly recommend Infinity Walk to teachers and school psychologists, to parents , to anyone seeking to break open that closed door to learning! We saw our son blossom in his reading! - smiling when he read as he realized he was finishing a paragraph without stumbling through it. The frustration is gone...

Marie Kenyon, Sodus, New York

Infinity Walk has provided my son an avenue for help with learning difficulties where none seemed to exist before. Until my son was introduced to Infinity Walk, we both felt despair and frustration. Infinity Walk has improved his reading comprehension, self-esteem and posture

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