Overview and Video Introduction


Overview and Video Introduction of the Infinity Walk Method

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Infinity Walk is a promising method for accelerating learning and performance for many adults and children. Infinity Walk is a fun, self-paced, and intrinsically rewarding program that trains and prepares us for successful action in life, academics, and career.

The method is both very simple and quite profound. This paradox comes from the foundation of the method being anchored to a seemingly simple repetitive movement, walking in a figure-eight pattern. The systematic refinement of this movement and the careful timing of additional multi-tasking skills to the basic movement enables the potential for profound change in the Infinity Walker. The unique way in which the figure-eight movement pattern is progressively combined with sensory, perceptual, language, cognitive and relational skills can produce positive change in the whole person, on every level of growth

Infinity Walk theory and method is applicable to all models of learning - developmental, remedial and accelerated/gifted learning.

Infinity Walkers don't need to "walk" to benefit from the method.. Infinity Walk practice can be assisted by the use of children's strollers, wheelchairs, and therapeutic riding horses. For those needing some walking assistance, the new Infinity WalkAbout® handrail system offers adjustable height and width, single or double assistive railing for practice of Infinity Walking. This new U.S. patent protected railing system also allows older seniors to benefit from natural daily ambulation, and the Infinity Walk method, with support close-by throughout the figure-eight track.

Additional benefits can be gained by adding "Infinity Swimming" to aquatic exercise programs and "Infinity Crawling" to children's play.

Following the exact instructions given in the 2002 text, Infinity Walk : The Physical Self is necessary to gain the benefits this method can offer. Good examples of proper use of this method can be observed in the 2003 video companion to this text: The Companion Video to Infinity Walk : The Physical Self. These resources are especially important to study if you have not had the opportunity to train in-person with Dr. Sunbeck. There is in fact, a great deal more involved in this method than "walking in a figure-eight", though anyone can master an understanding of the method with proper Infinity Walk training.

Dr. Sunbeck has continually invented her own Infinity Walk products as she needed to progress her work with her own clients. As each product was refined and proven to be especially useful, she began using them for workshop training demonstrations as well. These products speed up the rate in which novice Infinity Walkers master the method, and also better guarantee proper practice of the method. Naturally, workshop participants asked about purchasing the products for their own clients. A number of these products are now available for purchase through our Infinity Walk Online Store. Others are in various stages of the manufacturing process. If you would like to be notified when new products become available send an email with the following line in the Subject box: "IW updates please" to info@infinitywalk.org . 

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