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There are some alternative education “brain exercises” that claim to improve cognitive ability though the repetition of certain sequenced movements. Infinity Walk is not representative of these quasi-scientific brain exercise programs. Infinity Walk is not a method of repeatedly walking in a figure-eight pattern until a child, for instance, becomes a better reader or speller. There is nothing magical about how Infinity Walk method helps children readiness for learning. To help a student get the most out of Infinity Walk, it must be understood, taught and practiced correctly. The educator/facilitator will benefit by understanding the neurological basis of the method  so errors in explaining and using the method, like the ones seen in this photo do not happen.

This photo appeared in a published book authored by two well-intentioned educators who wanted to share how Infinity Walk is used to improve spelling. Unfortunately, the pictures showed how to NOT teach spelling while Infinity Walking. In actuality, the authors were, no doubt, facilitating significant Infinity Walk successes; but this was only because the broader learning-readiness foundation of Infinity Walk training was being included in their usage of the method. Their photos and text, by their omission of the important foundation aspects of the method, inadvertently gave the appearance of reducing Infinity Walk to an isolated gross motor activity of little real value to the educator who is seeking cognitive gains for their students. The authors and publisher willingly corrected the error and removed the photos and misleading instructions from their book.

If you hear about a usage of Infinity Walk that doesn’t make sense; it is probably not being correctly explained or applied. Nothing in Infinity Walk method asks the educator to take a leap of faith in believing the “why, when, and how” of its effectiveness as happens when viewing this misleading photo. The learning readiness that is facilitated by Infinity Walk method follows a well-established understanding of human development, learning, and skill acquisition.

To learn more about introducing Infinity Walk to preschoolers, the companion video to the 2002 text, The Complete Infinity Walk: BOOK I The Physical Self is recommended

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