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Infinity Walk is taught in K-12 education as a method to help students develop learning-readiness for academics and for their continued personal development. When Infinity Walk is successful in helping a student improve in an academic subject, the success happens because necessary developmental foundations of learning-readiness were part of the Infinity Walk practice.  Learning readiness skills include balance, coordination, motor planning, sensory integration, focused and sustained attention, sensory modulation, emotional resiliency, motivation to learn, and self-esteem. Ideally, a child’s Pre-K and kindergarten experience will establish these important prerequisites to learning. To see how Infinity Walk accomplishes these prerequisites in Pre-K read this information.

By second grade (age 6-7 in the US), children are busy focusing on and memorizing an increasing volume of academic material. This does not mean that children have outgrown the need for learning-readiness training. Learning-readiness is needed for every new learning challenge throughout our lifespan. If a child was delayed in developing important learning readiness skills that they should now be capable of, Infinity Walk can help them catch up, and usually fairly quickly and enjoyably.

Read the USE IN HEALTH CARE section of this website to better understand what is happening neurologically when Infinity Walk is correctly practiced and results in these positive outcomes. Download a Medical Release/Permission form for children with special medical needs.

His first Infinity Walk

Much improved and ready for more

This student was part of a summer research study that compared academic readiness before and after Infinity Walk training. Even though he is a confident athlete, his first experience of Infinity Walking revealed some basic sensory integration gaps in learning-readiness (left photo/video). Two sessions later, his Infinity Walking had progressed so much that he was ready to add cognitive-language tasks to his coordinated Infinity Walking. (right photo/video) Changes in his Woodcock Reading Mastery Scores were highly significant for reading readiness and comprehension; two areas of academic focus that were added to his Infinity Walk training as he progressed and showed readiness for additional challenges.

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To learn more about introducing Infinity Walk to preschoolers, the companion video to the 2002 text, The Complete Infinity Walk: BOOK I The Physical Self is recommended

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