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 After children have learned Infinity Walk in pairs or a small group, Infinity Walk can become a valuable daily activity in the preschool classroom. Children learn to take turns and quietly return to a table activity after their Infinity Walk turn. Classroom Infinity Walking provides many opportunities to develop good modulation and transition habits. Until children have mastered the transitions between Infinity Walking and a seated task keep the Infinity Walk game moving quickly enough that children do not need to wait too long for a turn. Coloring has proven to be a good table activity that is easy to leave and return to after Infinity Walking. Groups larger than 10 should be divided into smaller groups.

Classroom Infinity Walking with students coloring and displaying “just-right” flashcards


Classroom Infinity Walking with teacher reading picture book and asking questions.

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To learn more about introducing Infinity Walk to preschoolers, the companion video to the 2002 text, The Complete Infinity Walk: BOOK I The Physical Self is recommended

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