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 Preschoolers may play Infinity Walk in small developmentally matched groups; in thoughtfully considered pairings of children; and, during organized small class activities that hold the other children’s attention while waiting for their turn.

The seated children can participate by providing visual and learning stimuli for the Infinity Walker. They may use materials given them such as colored objects and picture flashcards, or, hold up their own drawings, letters or numbers that they have colored or printed.

Teachers should stay aware of the current knowledge base of each child, so that most Infinity Walk challenges are at a “just-right” learning level for the child. Every child should end an Infinity Walk turn with a success.

                                                 Infinity Walking with Animal Cards

The teacher should create the means for this final success if it does not occur naturally out of the game. Ideally, each preschool Infinity Walker should have two or three “just-right” challenges during a 60-90 second turn-taking of Infinity Walking, with no more than one incorrect response to a visual or auditory stimuli. A game lasting 12-15 minutes is long enough for this age group. Practiced regularly, this is enough to see considerable progress over time.  

Infinity Walking with Number Counting Cards

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