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A person does not need to walk in order to benefit from most of the Infinity Walk method. Try Infinity Riding. The vestibule-oculo-cervical triad (VOC) gets a great workout and bilateral torso rotation can still be engaged. Therapists can add the same progressive attention, cognitive, social and other multi-tasking skill training to Infinity Riding as they do to Infinity Walking.  

Add Infinity Walk circuits throughout your day treatment and residential care facility and make Infinity Riding a daily therapeutic transition activity

Eye tracking, neck reflex, torso rotation, attention, and many multi-tasking skills can be practiced without needing to actually walk the Infinity Walk figure-eight circuit.


Ways to Infinity Ride

  • Scooter

  • Golf cart

  • Motorized chair

  • Strollers and wheelchair (pushed)

  • Riding lawn mower (blades disengaged)

  • Therapeutic riding horse

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