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Read this report from a school-based OT who has discovered the benefits of Infinity Walk beyond it value as an excellent ocuolmotor exercise.


"A five year old child I am working with has made some nice changes using the Infinity Walk. This was a child who was unable to play nicely with other children or to talk with other children. His seat work was very sloppy and he just wanted to get done as quickly as possible, not worrying about the quality of work... He is now joining other children in play and better able to work at the table at a slower, neater pace. He is happy and smiling - which was not seen 2 months ago. The best part is he is developing a sense of humor.... His form in the Infinity Walk has improved where he is able to continue looking at me while doing the walk and calling out shapes, colors, numbers or letters.... The best part is that he really enjoys doing the Infinity Walk and his self-confidence has improved tremendously".


Rosie Piatek, OTR,  Orleans, NY BOCES (Special Services for School District)


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