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PDP 26th annual Minneapolis symposium, 2/06


From an OT with specialty in sensory integration; SIPT certified; pediatric-geriatric populations

 “I want to pay you the highest and most sincere compliments regarding this conference. I am in awe of how you have developed this program. You are an excellent presenter and I am so thankful for all the handouts. They will be extremely helpful for me in how to observe and document what I am seeing and needing to address. Thank you for the gift of sharing so much with us”.

From an OT who works with pediatric and adult developmental disability issues

I’m very excited about the deeper understanding about the profound neuromusculoskeletal, social, cognitive implications of the Infinity Walk. I had been using it in a more limited way as a “technician”  Now I understand how to apply it more in a clinically intuitive way for the whole person. 

From a speech therapist working in pediatric rehabilitation setting in a hospital

“I’ve thought of many more children that I look forward to trying this (the Infinity Walk) with. Your presentation has made it much more freeing than the way I was first introduced to the concept.  Thanks for the handouts and CD – great”!

From an OTR working in pediatric medical rehabilitation clinic

“At first I wasn’t sure what an OT clinician could learn from a psychologist, but quickly realized any clinician working with the whole child could learn from another. I really like the whole language component used during the Infinity Walk. I usually just use movement, vision and auditory”.

From a school-based OT, EC to age 16.

“Thank you for broadening my horizon in regards to Infinity Walk. One of the nuggets I’m taking home is to end every Infinity Walk practice with a success no matter how much time is left in treatment session. Thank you Deborah for sharing your peace and grace! You walk you talk! And for your generosity with sharing so much – the CD, brochures, notes”.

From a PT working for a school district; special needs age 3-21

“This has been very useful in pulling together all the various information I have gotten on Infinity Walk in the past and pointing me in the right direction. We have been using Infinity Walk in our school district but now I understand so much more”.

From a PT working in an out-patent rehabilitation clinic

“Infinity Walk includes excellent therapeutic (exercise) techniques that stimulate the cerebellum. Very useful”.

From an OT retired from a school district and now doing substitute contract work.

“As a therapist with an extensive background in sensory integration I was impressed with your presentation and how the use of the Infinity Walk had such a positive impact on the full range of functional performance components”.

From an OT working for a school district

“I had bought your video in the past and was amazed at the changes that I saw in the students. I’m glad I was able to attend your conference. I have been using Infinity Walk informally for about 2 years but am now very motivated to do more with it”!

From a OTR working in a nursing home and a pediatric rehabilitation clinic

“I have had great results with adult population using Infinity walk. My first time using the walk was with a person who had a stroke. The PTs thought she would be unsafe to go home without a walker. I worked with her with the Infinity Walk and she returned home without a walker or cane. She continued the walk at home and is now driving again. Your course is helping me work with children too. Thanks for the resources for training (the staff were she is employed).

From a PT working for a school district

“I have been using Infinity Walk on a limited basis after an in-service on it given by another therapist. I have been impressed with what I had seen as far as results as they related to bilateral integration. Now I feel like I have a greater understanding about it, and will be expanding my use of the Infinity Walk. My students will truly benefit from this conference”.

From an OT working as a consultant to group homes; behavioral and sensory issues

“Excellent. Your style of presentation is delightful and it was easy to stay tuned in. Thanks for all your time and energy that you have devoted to this”.

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