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I  had a total hip replacement in August of 2005.   The surgery was successful; and after my physical therapy,  I was certainly much better.  However, I find that I have a problem with stamina and balance.  These two problems are still making it challenging for me to walk any kind of distance.   An added factor are my medications that I take for other problems, which make me somewhat dizzy.   All in all I’m not very steady on my feet

About a month ago, as part of a clinical research and training program, I had my first experience with the “ Infinity WalkAbout”.   To my amazement, with the aid of the  Infinity WalkAbout railing I was able to walk for a continued time of 30 minutes and it felt good.
I could have stopped at any time, but I did not want too.   I truly cannot remember the last time that I was able to walk for that length of time.  It was not only positive from a physical point, but also an emotional uplift. 

At the time of this “walk about”, I also had a pain in the muscle at the front of my thigh, which had been increasing since the surgery.   The therapist had explained to me that this pain is the result of the surgery and the apparatus that was surgically installed into my thigh bone. To my surprise that pain went away during the “Infinity Walk”.

When I discussed this with the therapist,  she explained that those particular thigh muscles are hard to stretch.  The curving left and right,  along the figure- eight rails must have eased the tension out of the muscle cramping in my thigh.

This pain was gone for about 2-3 days after my “ Infinity Walk “.  Then it slowly came back. At this time my pain is about 80% back.   This tells me that regular “ Infinity Walks “ might help me with my walking and with this muscle pain in my thigh.

It has been approximately a month since my “ Infinity Walk “.   I have not walked like that since then, even though I know I should.  I truly enjoyed the security as well as the diversity of the ever changing direction of the “ Infinity WalkAbout “ .  It eliminated all my fears of losing my balance or getting dizzy.  The curving rails on both sides gave me confidence and security.   It was an invigorating and enjoyable experience.  Currently I have cardiac therapy, which includes walking on a treadmill.  Since my “ Infinity“  walking experience, I realize how much better results I had with the “Infinity" equipment.  How wonderful it would be to have this equipment available on a regular basis.  I'm planning on continuing to be part of a program that monitors the long range benefits of regular use of the “ Infinity WalkAbout “ for seniors or disabled persons like myself. 

Donald B. Stevens,
Rochester, N.Y.

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