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Licensed medical professionals who wish to use Infinity Walk for balance, coordination, vestibular or oculo-motor training have the clinical background required to use Infinity Walk as a medical assessment and treatment method within their area of expertise. The following Infinity Walk training resources are recommended:

AOTA Approved 12 CEU Self-Paced Online Course (click for PDF overview)

CEU Course Book and Video:

The Complete Infinity Walk BOOK 1: The Physical Self and its companion video.

The video shows use of Infinity Walk with preschoolers, children and teens, adults and seniors in a nursing home. Significant progress over weeks is shown for an adult who suffered a debilitating stroke four years prior, and for an adolescent who had suffered infantile seizures.

Recommended Live Training Workshops taught by Dr. Sunbeck:


 “Infinity Walk” Progressive Sensorimotor Training for Rehabilitation, Residential Care and Home-Health Practice
Suggested Participants: PT, OT, SLP, OD, MD, Home-Health Nurse

Recently presented at WPTA 2006 Spring Conference; 6.5 contact hours. (Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association)

Treating Disorders with Sensorimotor, Cognitive and Psychosocial Components Using Best Practices of the Infinity Walk Method

 Suggested Participants: OT; SLP; Sp.Ed; Pediatric and School-based Nurse

Recently presented at the PDP 26th Symposium on Intervention for Persons with Special Needs; Minneapolis, MN, USA (2/23/2006; 6 contact hours)

Recommended Vision Therapy Workshop Taught by Other Professionals:


Sensory Integration/Vision Therapy Course (taught by an OT and OD)

"From Eyesight to Insight: Visual/Vestibular Assessment & Treatment"

Introduces the oculomotor and vestibular benefits of Infinity Walk as part of this workshop.2-days; course locations and dates:


Leonardo Foundation Press    151 Panorama Trail    Rochester, New York  USA   14625-1843

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