Medical Fundamentals of Infinity Walk

Lateral Asymmetries
Dual Nature of Limbic System

 Dual Nature of Limbic Structure


The limbic system, also called the emotional brain, (shaded area) provides a perfect example of how bilateral brain asymmetries can affect a person on every level of experience, including felt emotional responses. Anything that the brain has two of can potentially have one be healthier or more functional than the other. Mental health can vary from hemisphere to hemisphere, and requires treatment that considers this asymmetry. Infinity Walk was created by a psychologist, Dr. Sunbeck, and uses a gentle self-paced approach to developing emotional strength and resiliency through the integrated support of the bilateral brain.  Dr. Fredric Schiffer, of the Harvard affiliated McLean Hospital, has written an excellent text on the topic dual-brain psychotherapy. [3]


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[3] Schiffer, Fredric. Of Two Minds: The Revolutionary Science of Dual-Brain Psychology. New York: The Free Press, 1998.

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