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Lateral Asymmetries
Dual Nature of Limbic System

Lateral Asymmetries


Dysfunctional lateral asymmetries of the body and the brain hemispheres can affect any aspect of our physical, cognitive and emotional health. Many thousands of medical research studies have identified both functional and dysfunctional lateral asymmetries.[2]

  • PHYSICAL HEALTH: Lateral brain asymmetries of musculoskeletal structure, function and MOVEMENT HABITS contribute to accidents, repetitive motion injuries, and premature joint deterioration.  

  • COGNITIVE ABILITY: Lateral brain asymmetries of brain structure, function, and cognitive processes contribute to learning disabilities and performance struggles.

  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Lateral brain asymmetries of brain structure, function, and perceptual processes contribute to mental health distress.

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[2]  Springer, Sally P. and Deutsch, Georg. Left Brain-Right Brain: Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience. 5th edition. W.H. Freeman, 1998. This neuropsychology text is an excellent resource for the health care professional. It reviews research on brain asymmetry as it relates to attention, memory, language, cognition, performance, visuospatial skills, handedness, perceptual disorders, emotion, pathology, hemispheric neglect, developmental disabilities, psychiatric illness, and misconceptions regarding hemispheric specialization.

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