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Health Care Professionals: The changes you see in these photos and on the video clip happened while EM ( a client of Dr. Sunbeck's ) was working on psycho-educational issues in a behavioral-motor context of Infinity Walking. That is, the balance and gross motor training was background to psychotherapy and much preferred by EM over sitting in a chair for the duration of a "talk session".  EM's mother was present for every session and was taught to continue the Infinity Walk practice at home between sessions; therefore, most of the actual balance and gross motor practice occurred at home. Imagine the additional gains that a child like EM could obtain with this wonderful method being facilitated by professionals whose expertise is in balance and motor control.


This is an excerpt from one of EM�s mother�s writings. Visit the other health care and special education pages in this website to follow EM�s story and to discover how the integrative value of Infinity Walk training is a useful tool in these other specialties.

From EM�s mother:

�It was quite by accident that I came across the book Infinity Walk (in a library). I then did something that is quite out of character for me. I called Dr. Sunbeck and asked her if she would see my daughter. I explained the situation to her and she agreed to see her on a session to session basis. After a few weeks of the Infinity Walk, it became apparent that this was exactly what she needed.

I couldn't help but to wonder what a difference it would have made if we had known about it sooner. Also in my thoughts were the many children I had met along the way whose educational experiences, especially in phys ed where a lot of life skills such as teamwork are learned, could have been greatly enhanced by doing the Infinity Walk. Sitting on the sidelines and being unable to participate in sports is devastating to any child. It is even more so for those who have medical challenges that necessitate that they be in constant medical care, especially with medications and surgeries. It is also devastating emotionally to them because they are unable to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

As every parent may say on occasion "If I knew then, what I know now�  I would have given my eye-teeth to have had access to the Infinity Walk (sooner)�.

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