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The following clinical treatment CEU course is available for health care professionals. It was recently presented at WPTA 2006 Spring Conference, for 6.5 contact hours. (Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association)

“Infinity Walk” Progressive Sensorimotor Training for Rehabilitation, Residential Care and Home Practice
Presenter: Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D.

Course Description
Participants (PT, OT, SLP, OD, MD, RN)


This 1-day workshop identifies and teaches the many functional uses of the “Infinity Walk” sensory integration method from its origins in child and adolescent psychotherapy and special education, and its quick absorption into the fields of occupational therapy and vision therapy, to its more recent usage in physical therapy. The root training of this progressively more challenging multi-tasking exercise is dynamic balance and bilateral reflexes triggered through normal daily-life ambulation. The Infinity Walk method has been applied to assisted and unassisted walking, and locomotion by means of powered chairs, wheelchairs, therapeutic horses, aquatic exercise, strollers and even little red wagons! The “Infinity Walk” method can be found in preschools, nursing homes and brain trauma centers. This progressive skill training method integrates motor, reflex, sensory, cognitive, expressive language, social, and relational skills, making it an excellent shared treatment method for cross-specialty clinical teams.


The workshop includes video footage of use in physical therapy; demonstration and practice time; and resource materials to assist you in bringing this versatile method back to your clinic setting. Multi-media will assist Dr. Sunbeck in providing an introductory training program in Infinity Walk specifically designed for PTs, by a PT. She will add her own knowledge and experience of the method’s many clinical applications

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