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WPTA 2006 annual spring conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI

 From a PT with hospital-based specialty in swing bed, and outpatient cardiopulmonary rehab

“I came thinking of using this for swing bed and outpatients. The more I think the more uses I can find. On Monday I intend to try this with my cardiac patients to increase truck movement, extend time walking by changing patients’ focus. Also for its calming effects. (For those “Type A” cardiac patients and for the anxious pulmonary patients.)

 From a PTA working in SNF/Sub-acute care facility, specializing in neurological, degenerative and orthopedic deficits.

“I am so excited to implement this ambulation alternative with my patients. It will be exciting to see the effectiveness on my patients that have a fear of falling secondary to a past experience.

 From a PTA employed at a hospital-based rehab clinic; and specializing in balance and vestibular rehab

“The Infinity Walk is a remarkable way to integrate several factors at once. I can see utilizing this method as soon as I return to the clinic.”

From a PTA specializing in pediatrics

“I liked having the participants be demonstration and training examples throughout the day and seeing change made (in us) in such a short period of time. I’m very excited about using the (Infinity) walk more and fine-tuning how I presently use it during treatment. I liked the examples of advancing the walk to make it more challenging. Enjoyed the course very much. The speaker’s casual style makes understanding very easy and is a good example of how to explain it to patients and make it enjoyable.”

 From a PT with over 20 years of specializing in pediatrics

 “What I liked the most about this course is the simplicity of the treatment, but the complexity of the areas that are affected!”

 From a PTA working in an inpatient/outpatient/SNF facility

“I liked how the method works outside of the straight lines with gait and motor skill. And I liked the way you teach treatment of the whole body/person (rather than segmental).

 From a PT with over 20 years experience in outpatient pediatrics

“I appreciated the depth and breadth of Deborah’s experience and her commitment to the development and application of the Infinity Walk. The presentation and handouts were excellent.”

 From a PT working in an outpatient ortho- and neuro-rehab setting

 “Pleasantly surprised as to how broad a method this is and how many patients this could be applied to.”

From a PTA with 20 years experience in pediatrics

 “Deborah was easy to listen to, easy to follow her teaching style. I stayed engaged the entire time of the course.”

 From a PT/owner of a private clinic

 “This is amazing – and I thank you for bringing this to us!

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