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At its best, Infinity Walk is a self-motivating, progressively more challenging integrator of purposeful movement with sensing and perceiving; attention and sustained concentration; rhythm and timing; and, verbal, cognitive, relational, and reasoning skills.

Infinity Walk training begins with self-paced practice of a neurologically complex behavioral-motor sequence of challenges that are prerequisites for learning  academic, career, social, and other daily life skills. Browse the USE IN HEALTH CARE section of this website to learn about the neurological theories and research that Infinity Walk methodology is based on.

Infinity Walk can be introduced as a playful game to children as early as age three. When it is, a child's readiness for kindergarten by age five is benefited.  This confident preschool Infinity Walker is ready for kindergarten success. She is able to Infinity Walk with a consistent coordinated stride, and calmly attend, look, listen, speak and respond with good comprehension of age-appropriate learning challenges.

The Infinity Walk method progresses with a student, year after year, so that it provides just-right challenges that help a student develop learning-readiness for each next stage of academic study. Special school-based programs, such as Special Olympics training, can also benefit from inclusion of Infinity Walk training.

For schools with limited staff and resources, Infinity Walk can make an even greater impact on preparing children for their next school year experience. After students have been correctly introduced to Infinity Walk, trained adult volunteers can facilitate additional practice, either as a recreational activity or as a one-on-one enrichment experience.

This experienced Infinity Walker makes it look easy. It does become easy with practice, so just-right challenges are regularly added to Infinity Walk so it continues to be a motivating skill-builder. This student's current self-selected challenge is spelling entire sentences forward and backwards, remembering to say the word "space" between each word! This is her second school year of Infinity Walk training. Watch these video clips to see her significant progress over time.

Infinity Walk Sensory Integration Progress

Advanced Infinity Walk with Cognitive Challenge




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