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Treating Disorders with Sensorimotor, Cognitive and Psychosocial Components Using Best-Use Practices of the Infinity Walk Method- School-Based Applications

Presenter: Deborah Sunbeck
1-day; 6-hour course


This workshop is for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and other health care professionals who provide one-on-one school-based services that would include Infinity Walk.

Workshop Text: The Complete Infinity Walk: BOOK 1 The Physical Self (2002)


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Infinity Walk: Preparing Your Mind to Learn – A Behavioral-Motor Developmental Application of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory

Presenter: Deborah Sunbeck
1-day; 6-hour course

Special education and regular education teachers who are interested in using Infinity Walk to facilitate attention, motivation, modulation and transitions, and good learning and study skills may prefer this non-medical workshop. This is a new workshop available starting January 2006. Endorsements based on the first and second editions of this course’s text are available here:

Workshop Text:  Infinity Walk: Preparing Your Mind to Learn 3rd edition (anticipated publication date is late 2006).


Dr. Sunbeck will work with schools to help them establish an effective Infinity Walk program. This may be accomplished through a combination of possibilities; e.g. workshops; in-services; school-based educational demonstrations of training students in Infinity Walk method; phone or in-person consultations with individual educators and clinicians; presentations to school’s PTA, parents, classroom aides; etc. A representative of the school should contact Dr. Sunbeck so a customized Infinity Walk training program can be designed to meet your school’s specific needs.

Understanding the current budget constraints of schools, the fees for consultations and in-services are reasonably priced and reduce in cost with each consecutive day of Dr. Sunbeck's visit to your school.

Infinity Walk training by Dr. Sunbeck is through workshops and courses that are sponsored by educational or health care agencies and associations for their staff or membership. She travels and teaches by invitation only.

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